Cheap Flights to Thailand

Weekly schedule of airlines flying to Thailand from UK:

Flights to Thailand from Heathrow

Thai Airways(TG): Thai Airways, Flag Carrier of Thailand, offers two direct flights from London to Thailand on each day of the week.

British Airways: There is one daily direct flight service from London Heathrow to Thailand (BKK).

Emirates: Emirates, being a popular choice of travellers, operates one flight to Thailand via Dubai throughout the week.

Flights to Thailand from Birmingham

Lufthansa: Departing from BHX, you have a choice of two flights to Thailand via Frankfurt. Service is available round the week.

KLM: KLM flights to Thailand are operated via Amsterdam as a stopover seven days a week.

Flights from Edinburgh to Thailand:

British Airways: BA makes its way to Thailand (BKK) via Heathrow while making its flights available all days a week.

Air France: Air France flights to Thailand via Amsterdam are also frequent and can be booked at any day of the week.

Emirates: Emirates maintains an extensive network of flights to connect Edinburgh and Thailand. An estimated number of three flights fly every day to Thailand via Dubai.

Flights to Thailand from Manchester

Thai Airways: Thai Airways extends its flights from Manchester to Thailand daily.Emirates: With Emirates, at least two flight departures are available from Manchester Airport on each day of the week.

Singapore Airlines: Now you can fly to Thailand (BKK) via Singapore on any day of the week as well.

Flights from Gatwick to Thailand:

Emirates: EK links Gatwick and Thailand (BKK) regularly in a week. All trips are inclusive of a stopover at Dubai.

Turkish Airlines: Thailand flights from Gatwick may have opted with Turkish Airlines (TK) which flies via Istanbul on alternate days.

Thailand – Quick Facts for Travelers

In total, Thailand has 11 international airports, but the busiest ones are in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Koh Samui.
You can get an average fare for an Economy Class ticket is £353 for a flight in early winter (low season). However, it can go more than 1200 GBP for Business Class.
In the high season, from the ending week of June to the first few days of September, the Economy Class tickets cost around £571, and Business Class tickets are priced around £1593 with a lot of variation from airline to airline.
Preferred departure airport to fly to Thailand is London Heathrow.
You can save some pounds on indirect flights to Thailand.
Thai Airways offers two flights daily to Bangkok from London Heathrow. One is TG 917, which takes off from the airport at 9:30 PM and the other, TG 911, is operated at 12:30 PM every day.
The UK is 6 hours behind Thailand in terms of time.
As of now, about 20 airlines offer flights out to Bangkok from the UK, but not all have viable or economical routes. From London, there are 40 flights to leaving for Bangkok each week and 14 weekly flights to Phuket International Airport.
Bangkok International Airport, is the busiest airport in Thailand, caters almost 4745 international flight departures each week.

Best time to visit Thailand

Peak Season:

Thailand experiences three seasonal variations round the year. Rainy weather that begins in May is expected to last till October. Following the monsoon, November is the starting point of cool and cosy winter season. The best time to visit Thailand is in the winter and early spring, from the start of December to the end of March. The perceived temperature throughout the year remains between 23°C to 30°C, which is pleasant.

Off Peak Season:

Humidity plays an important part in Thailand’s climate. Humidity rises to above 80% in August, which can be a bit overwhelming for people arriving from a Mediterranean climate. Summer falls in March when the temperature may rise up to 35 °C. Though it gets bit difficult to roam around in the hot summers but you can still make it to beaches.

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