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Before you Fly

As there are some low-cost flights which do not include the luggage fee that you are carrying, you can get your luggage included in the flight fare after a consultation with the booking agents. This will ensure that you do not have to pay extra.

Choose from Vegetarian, fish only, chicken only, low salt and meals in line with you religious obligations.

Check your Flight Status

It´s always good to recheck the time of your flight 72 hours before you fly.

Air Tickets to Anywhere

From the wide range of airlines available, our customers can select from the choices and find the cheap flight deals which will make their journey a bit more relaxed. We offer flights to anywhere around the globe, whether it is the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia. All you have to do is book your flight to your destination and select the airport you want to fly from.

Our customers can select a flight from London City airport or any other airport in the United Kingdom. The flights available also have a direct and indirect flight route so you can select from that as well.

NO Hidden or Extra Charges

We aim to provide the best rates available. There are no hidden or extra charges or fee that is taken from our customers. We also make sure that there is no increase in the airfare at the last minutes so your travel budget is not disturbed.

Apart from this, Times Travel offers ATOL certified tickets though some of the holiday and flight packages are not ATOL protected.

So get your trip plan and visit Times Travel or our website to get your tickets at the most economical rates.

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Help with multiple destination bookings.
You can book flights on deposit and pay later.
Travel operator understands your need better.

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